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2021 China Fastener Online Exhibition Grand Opening
On July 21st, sponsored by Haiyan County People’s Government, undertook by Haiyan County Bureau of Commerce/Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association, Huaren Screw Network executed the 8-day 2nd China Fastener Online Exhibition and Zhejiang Haiyan Online The Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as "online exhibition") was grandly opened at the Haiyan County Media Center in Jiaxing City.

2021 China Fastener Online Exhibition Grand Opening

On July 21st, sponsored by Haiyan County Peoples Government, undertook by Haiyan County Bureau of Commerce/Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association, Huaren Screw Network executed the 8-day 2nd China Fastener Online Exhibition and Zhejiang Haiyan Online The Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as "online exhibition") was grandly opened at the Haiyan County Media Center in Jiaxing City.

At 4 pm, the opening ceremony of the 2021 China Fastener Online Exhibition and Zhejiang Haiyan Online Export Fair was officially held. Mr. Wu Xuehui, Director of Haiyan County Bureau of Commerce, Mr. Qian Yafeng, Director of Haiyan County Enterprise Service Center, Mr. Shen Jiahua, President of Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association, Ms. Ye Ying, Secretary General of Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association, and Deputy General Manager of Huaren Screw Network Ms. Yuan Xiaocheng, Xinshengda/Zhengmao Standard Parts/Qifeng Precision/Tiankai Industry/Zhejiang Ansheng and other exhibitors attended the opening ceremony.


The opening ceremony was presided over by Chen Jianjun, Deputy Director of Haiyan County Bureau of Commerce. At the meeting, Ms. Yuan Xiaocheng, deputy general manager of China Screw Network, gave a speech. She introduced the basic situation of the online exhibition to the guests present. Sum up eight words to summarize the online exhibition: precise matching, full management. Through the online exhibition, the supplier and the buyer can conduct precise matching business negotiations, form a business format, and contribute to the export trade of Chinese fasteners.

Yuan Xiaocheng, Deputy General Manager of Chinese Screw Net


   Subsequently, Mr. Wu Xuehui, director of the Haiyan County Bureau of Commerce, took the stage and gave a speech. He expressed a warm welcome to the domestic and foreign fastener companies and purchasers participating in this exhibition.


Wu Xuehui, Director of Haiyan County Bureau of Commerce


   He said that the new crown epidemic has brought a profound impact on the international marketing model, accelerating the digital development of the exhibition, and online exhibitions will become a new normal. Holding online exhibitions is an important measure to comply with the digital development of trade and promote the development of cross-border e-commerce in the fastener industry cluster.


In order to help Chinese fastener companies to break through the global market online, and to inject vitality into China's fastener export trade, Haiyan County has united with Chinese Screw Network to give full play to their respective advantages and turn the online exhibition into a global market for Haiyan fasteners. business card.


The first online exhibition achieved an impressive transcript. The number of visitors reached 75,132, the number of visits reached 557,712 times, 5376 buyers participated, and the number of exhibits reached 15,356. Matching Chinese companies with more than 200 foreign businessmen from 73 countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, the Netherlands, and India, matched 750 times. Buyer representatives who have participated in the online exhibition expressed their recognition of the online exhibition in the opening speech.


   This online exhibition is in the form of “cloud exhibition”, online gathering 2000+ global buyers and 300+ exhibitors. Use live video, real-time negotiation, supply and purchase docking, real-time trading, online activities and other scenarios to help supply and purchase parties to communicate in real time, link the needs of domestic and foreign upstream and downstream companies, and open up new channels for Chinese fastener companies to expand overseas buyers and customers , It also builds a new platform for the exchanges between Chinese and foreign fastener counterparts.

300+ exhibitors gathered


The exhibition attracted more than 300 fastening manufacturing companies including Shanghai Hengzhao, Jiangsu Huasheng, Shanghai Minmetals, Zhejiang Ansheng, Wenzhou Fengding, Zhejiang Tiankai, Zhejiang Fangquan, Foshan Xihe, etc., covering equipment, molds, materials, The whole industry chain such as surface treatment. Most exhibitors expressed that they will take this opportunity to actively explore online sales channels and create new growth points for their companies.


   It is worth mentioning that the online scene of this online exhibition has undergone a brand new upgrade. It is divided into two themed exhibition halls, the fastener product hall, the industry accessory products and the service hall. Covering 10+ popular categories, the exhibits are selling well in 100+ countries and regions around the world, in order to find the right people for high-quality business opportunities and make the order more efficient.


   Fastener Finished Products Pavilion


A1 standard fasteners; A2 stainless steel fasteners; A3 stamping parts/lathe parts; A4 automotive high-end fasteners; A5 construction fasteners; A6 medical equipment fasteners; A7 wind power new energy fasteners; A8 Supermarket small packaging fasteners (exclusive for cross-border e-commerce); A9 non-standard fasteners.


  Industry supporting products and service pavilion


B1 fastener equipment (cold heading machine, thread rolling machine, screening machine, packaging machine); B2 wire/mold/consumables/surface treatment, etc., B3 industry services (testing agencies, software, information technology, media, exhibition companies, etc.) ).


   Concurrent events are exciting, live broadcast and global push


   During the exhibition, we organized more than 10 exciting online events such as “1v1” matching meetings, cloud viewing factories, and corporate live broadcasts. “1v1” Matching will help the supply and purchase parties to accurately connect, negotiate online orders, increase online matching efforts, and increase the order conversion rate. Exhibitors can use the concurrent activities to fully demonstrate the strength of the company, quickly let customers understand the company, and enhance brand awareness.


The most worth mentioning is that the concurrent events of the enterprise cloud viewing factory; will be broadcasted globally through the Huawang Facebook, Youtube, tiktok and other platforms. As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the person in charge of purchasing to help you get the core needs of buyers with one click.


   Set up a cross-border zone to expand foreign trade channels


   In the context of the current development of informatization, it is a general trend to tightly engage in cross-border e-commerce. Haiyan is one of the main fastener production bases in China and enjoys the reputation of "Iron Haiyan". It has formed a complete fastener from raw material supply, production, surface treatment, inspection to equipment manufacturing, mold making, supply chain logistics, etc. Industry chain. There are more than 600 fastener manufacturers in the county, including 30 companies with an export value of more than 5 million US dollars. The annual export value of fastener products reaches 600 million US dollars, which accounts for 10% of the country's export value. The products are exported to more than 100 worldwide Countries and regions. For this reason, this online exhibition has specially set up the "Haiyan Cross-border Zone" to select fastener companies to participate in the exhibition and form a core circle, which can greatly improve the efficiency of communication between buyers and sellers.


   A total of 60 Haiyan fastener companies participated in this online exhibition, focusing on the strength of Haiyan fastener manufacturing. Representative companies in the Haiyan exhibition area include Qifeng Precision, Rongyi Precision, Tiankai Industry, Zhejiang Fangquan, Zhejiang Haocheng, Haiyan Zhengmao, Zhejiang Ansheng, Zhejiang Hongyang, etc.


   It is not difficult to see that this will be a fastener industry cloud exhibition integrating exhibition, negotiation, communication and learning. I hope that all exhibitors can get to know more domestic and foreign buyers through the online exhibition, open up a new situation in export sales, and broaden new sales channels for enterprises!


   The current online exhibition will be held from July 21-28, 8 days * 24 hours, and online talks with buyers from all over the world without leaving home. The online exhibition is in full swing. What are you waiting for? Come and see! Click the link below to go directly to the online exhibition↓