mould clamp

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How to use mould clamps

The use of mold clamp

Die pressing includes U-shaped pressing plate, parallel pressing plate, spring steel parallel pressing plate, bird-shaped pressing plate, round pressing plate, fine-adjusting pressing plate, wide-head pressing plate, direct pressing plate, etc.

Mold pressing plate Mold pressing plate is a kind of auxiliary fixture often used in mold processing. Its main function is to make the workpiece not vibrate or shift during processing. In order to ensure the accuracy of the mold workpiece and a good finish. Therefore, the quality of the mold pressing plate directly affects the product quality of the mold. Therefore, the mold platen plays a vital role in the mold manufacturing process. The die plate has high strength, small size, flexible and simple operation.

The manufacturing process of the die pressing plate: It is made of 45# medium carbon steel as a whole. After high temperature heating and hammer hammering, the hardness can reach above 30HRC. Then use a universal milling machine to process the plane and long grooves to achieve a surface finish of 3.2. As well as the parallelism and flatness of the platen, all errors are not more than 0.02MM. After heat treatment and quenching, it reaches 35HRC to 40HRC required by JB. Finally, the surface is blackened or blued to achieve the purpose of preventing rust spots