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Mould Clamps

Various brands of mold clamps
12 years of overseas trade experience,
satisfactory service.

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We are a manufacturing and trading group of high components and supplies Cutting tools for hard milling and graphite machining. Our wide range of mold clamps Is available in stock and highly treasured due to their robustness, excellent precision, efficient performance, and high durability. we can help to proceed with OEM products. 


How We Help?

With high quality, fast delivery, quick responses, and good services, we can help save your time and money.

ZYD mold clamps are widely used in industrial molding, injection molding, mold machines, and other fixed, product specifications. The model is complete, easy, safe, and durable, each mold clamp was carefully designed, with high steel training, From the opening mold, quenching, hot forging, grinding, surface treatment, and plating.